About us

BioTRIZ Ltd was formed in 2008 by people who worked at the Centre for Biomimetic and Natural Technologies, University of Bath, UK. Starting in 2001 Drs Olga and Nikolay Bogatyrev together with Professor Vincent worked on a series of research projects in Biomimetics/Bionics (please see our publications). This research laid down the rules for developing a "green" version of TRIZ wherein the successful principles and ideas used to develop the new solutions came from Nature rather than technology.

Solving industrial problems a BioTRIZ consultant always works together with the domain experts,  to allow both - learning the method and achieving the practical results. So, project related workshops for industry remain our main business.

Teaching TRIZ and other creativity and innovation methods for students including Continuous Professional Development (CPD) program at the University of Bath remains an important part of our activity. Additionally, the staff at the University of Bath are an excellent source of expert knowledge and can be called on where appropriate.

Nikolay Bogatyrev


Nikolay is a TRIZ expert and consultant with more than 20 years of experience in the UK and Russia.  Nikolay teaches TRIZ at the University of Bath for future engineers and managers. He started to use TRIZ himself being a PhD student at Novosibirsk State University and was fascinated by the  power of this system: in a couple of years he sold 28 patents for a new lab research equipment. 

Nikolay has a PhD in Biology, but is mostly interested in an engineering approach and ecologically sound architecture and design. He has more than 80 publications ranging from popular science papers to research articles and books.

Applying TRIZ in ecology and agriculture Nikolay developed a set of rules for eco-engineering and published them in a book “Ecological Engineering of Survival”. From 2002 Nikolay has worked at the University of Bath (Mechanical Engineering Department).

He employs TRIZ in biomimetics as a tool for systematic transfer of mechanisms and effects from biology to technology.

Olga Bogatyreva


TRIZ consultant and coacher Olga Bogatyreva has a background in behavioural science and psychology and uses this  expertise  to develop the most efficient methods of teaching creativity and invention.

Her main field is organisational behaviour and group decision making in which she has more than 60 publications. She holds a DSc in Complexity Theory and PhD in Biology.

Olga developed a range of tools for sustainable organisational management. Her original methods were validated during consultancy in industry in Europe and Japan.

Olga teaches TRIZ at the University of Bath for undergraduate and postgraduate students and runs courses for Continuous Professional Development

Mike Bogatyrev

mike front pageMike Bogatyrev is a welcome new member of the Bio Triz team with responsibility for development and sales.   

He has an established background in corporate video and news production as well as in graphic design.  Mike has a Masters Degree from Bournemouth University in Television Productions and works with clients to develop their marketing strategies.

Mike is excited about working with BioTRIZ and has already immersed himself into the development of the company to help us achieve our aims and objectives.

List of selected publications

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TRIZ in Space exploration

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