Our Partners

Below is a list of our partners. We will be adding more soon.

Biomimicry Greece Research and innovation Center

Biomimicry Greece Research and innovation  Center brings a competitive advantage. It ensures the constancy of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. It provides actions to enhance the public understanding of nature + science art and technology  and raises the awareness for new innovative solutions. 



Coaching gives you a unique opportunity to:

  1.          Find your hidden genius and
  2.          Understand how to use it
  3.          Become more effective and successful
  4.          Achieve maximum productivity
  5.          Horizons or possibilities
  6.          Build your business
  7.          Maximize team performance
  8.        Make better decisions

BID Community

The BID Community explores the design inspired by nature and proposes developing a common ground for discussions.  The term B3D stands for biomimicry, biomimetics and biologically-inspired design.
A key goal is holding workshops to build a consensus of variety of approached to biomimetics: learn more (verified information, validated methods, deeper insights) and do more (greater confidence to act, more opportunities to make a difference), increasing the vitality and credibility of this emerging field.  
Webinars explore key B3D challenges and opportunities:https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/112411992907248716919/112411992907248716919/posts   The webinar format is a short presentation followed by a discussion of the topic.  The webinars are recorded and made generally available.


Die Ergonomen Usability AG

BioTRIZ collaborates with Ergonomen to bring together the viewpoints of the developers, designers, managers and users. User requirements analysis, Human Factors Integration, User Centered Design, Usability testing provide your projects with the relevant insights – for efficient projects and successful products

BrainSourcer: Search, suggest, evaluate, discuss and implement ideas with a creative web community.


We use the collective intelligence of a community for innovations and problem solving. Our unique approach is based on a 360° service that we are able to offer to our customers. This starts with the choice between an open brainstorming (a forum-like discussion) that can be applied to marketing, logistic or organizational issues and a closed IP sensible challenge, making the proposed solutions visible only to the customer going to the all-important follow-up to implement the solutions into the corporate structure through our partners and finally a fund raising to finance your project.  www.brain-sourcer.com