Our Services

We offer biologically inspired strategies for technological and managerial challenges. This approach is also known as Biomimetics.

Our innovation and trouble-shooting methodology is based on systematic methods of TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving).


  • 2-hour guest lectures with demonstrations and practical examples.
  • 1-day beginners’ workshops.
  • 3-day intermediate level workshops.
  • 14-day individual course.
  • 100-hour course.

Training Themes

  • “Rules for breaking the rules: creativity as exact science”
  • “Rules for breaking the rules: creativity for everyone”
  • “Rules for breaking the rules: inventions in everyday life”
  • “Systematic creativity: possible or impossible?”
  • “Gym for your mind: training in creative thinking”
  • “Problem solving: lessons from Nature”
  • “Search for new ideas: lessons from Nature”
  • “Technology for invention”
  • “Evolution of Technology: How to be ahead of the market”
  • “First steps in TRIZ”
  • “Creativity as exact science”
  • “Bio-inspired design: BioTRIZ”
  • “Inventions in every day life”
  • “Biomimetics and TRIZ: an inventors must-know”
  • “Biomimetics and TRIZ: specialist qualification”

Industrial Implementation and Trouble-shooting

  • In-house new product development.
  • On-site trouble-shooting.

Please e-mail us for enquiries on mike@biotriz.com.

BioTRIZ credentials

  1. Certificate of attendance is granted after taking the three day introductory course. It allows you to use the method while guided by BioTRIZ experts
  2. Certificate of training is granted after taking the advanced five day course including industrial case study. It enables you to use the method independently
  3.  Certificate of BioTRIZ experience is granted after advanced five day course, three industrial case studies and work esperience with BioTRIZ. This certificate gives you right to teach the system