BioTRIZ is a methodology for inventors

It is commonly thought of that only gifted people can make discoveries, inventions, and masterpieces. But such people are just a bit better in using the abilities that all of us are gifted by nature!

We believe that with our methodology everyone can be taught to be a genius inventor!

BioTRIZ is a breakthrough problem solving technology.

It is originated from the analysis of the world patent collection (over 3,000,000 successful patents) and has the reputation of scientifically-based and empirically-derived methodology. It comprises a set of tools together with various rules and techniques to solve practically any problem – technological or managerial.

The name of BioTRIZ comes from a Russian acronym «ТРИЗ» (Теория Решения Изобретательских Задач) meaning “Theory of Inventive Problem Solving” and Bionics - methodology for using natural principles in problem solving and design.

We should look for natural solutions to enhance technical functions for

Easy recycling:

Life uses only two different polymers to deliver the properties for which technology needs more than 300 polymers.

Energy and cost reduction:

Life is at least four times more effective than current technology.

Fault tolerance and sustainability:

Life solves problems before they occur

BioTRIZ Tools

Tools for problem solving
Context finder
Problem identification algorithm
"Equation" for Ideal Final Result
Functional Analysis
Resources check list
Inventive Principles and Standards
TRIZ contradiction matrix
PRIZM: Solution Generator
Su-Field Analysis
Methods for business forecasts
Laws and trends of evolution
Sabotage Analysis

Methods to enhance creativity:
Smart Little People
Synetics and analogies
Focal objects
Inversion and Aggravation
Box for talented thinking