Our Clients

“Very nice tutors with good energy, patience and knowledge when teaching.”
Matthew Scott, Pall Electronics.


“A good introduction to TRIZ: thought provoking and stimulating”
Crispian Brailey, Pall Electronics


“TRIZ is an interesting philosophy that offers many opportunities for application in manufacturing.”
Estelle Edwick, Pall Electronics


“Great possibility to share own challenges with other people and gain new insights, ideas and approaches. I have received a comprehensive support to systematically discover solutions for existing problems.”
Benjamin Juergens, Hairfoil


“This workshop has provided me with a new set of tools that I can use during the creative process in my job. Thanks to this course I learned how to use these tools creatively.”
Sonia Pereira, Vitacress Salads


“I am going away with new and powerful way of thinking about problem solving. The workshop has given me a good insight and passion to learn more about TRIZ.”
Amitsinh Kumpavat, Vitacress


“The course is well structured and had a great combination of theory, workshops and practical examples. The films shown have helped to back up the training.”
Jack Bradley, University of Bradford


“I really enjoyed the TRIZ workshop, it was relaxed, informal and informative. I especially enjoyed learning and developing new ways of looking at a problem.”
Joanne Crowther, University of Bradford


““First Steps in TRIZ” allowed me to open my mind to think in a systematic way.”
Alex Gusevs, University of Bradford


“I attended the last TRIZ session and the students arranged a standing ovation to Olga and Nikolay.”
Steve Cayzer, The University of Bath


“Then TRIZ came into existence Olga and Nicolay's teaching method was totally practical. They demonstrated everything in a practical way by which i could understand everything easily.”
Nathan Kannan, The University of Bath


European Space Agency

Lockheed Martin

COSi Ltd


Kraft Foods

Rolls Royce




University of Bath

Bradford University


Active Innovation Centre



Pall Corporation

Buro Happold

IMI Vision

Bulmers Cider

Proctor and Gamble

Flake & Acetyls


Atraverda Ltd

East Point 11



Research that was facilitated and inspired by BioTRIZ

Tw0 new environmental building technologies and one new design method

Biomimetic fashion: garments designed using natural inventive principles


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