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Film 1 Inventive Mind     Film 1 : L'esprit inventif

Film 2 Core of a Challenge    Film 2 : Le cœur d’un défi

Film 3 Ideal Final Result    Film 3 : Le Résultat Final Idéal

Film 4 Context Of A Challenge    Film 4 : Le cadre d’un défi

Film 5 Resources  Film 5 : Les ressources

Film 6 Contrasictions And Resolutions    Film 6 : Contradictions et résolutions

Film 7 Alphabet For Invention: 40 Principles of TRIZ   

Film 7 : L'alphabet de l'inventeur - 40 principes TRIZ

Film 8 The Matrix And Case Study   Film 8 : La matrice, avec une étude de cas.

Click here to download BioTRIZ Contradiction Matrix with solutions from Biology.

Animation: Algorithm For Inventive Problem Solving  

Animation : L'algorithme de résolution des problèmes inventifs



“The presenter  communicates the concepts clearly and  she is very comfortable with them, which made for a professionally produced product compared to what is available elsewhere on this topic. The videos from others seem to be either filmed slide presentations or unscripted lecturers. You have a great product on your hands and I can’t wait to apply it within our business.

Harry Wingerter  Business Process Expert, Philips PLSNA, USA 


BioTRIZ books and videos show how to achieve win-win solutions  in a practical way so I could understand  and apply everything easily. Olga and Nikolay helped me to “mold" myself as an inventive and innovative person”     

Nathan Kannan ,Senior Business Analyst at BigTapp

“Thank you very much for a great course that has catalyzed our thinking and enthralled us during the time with you (which went far too quickly). We would be happy to act as referees for any future prospective group."

Dr Nick Rich Professor, Centre for Lean Enterprise Applications & Research Cardiff School of Management

 “A very well presented videos, practical book, that everybody should have in his pocket as a check list to solve problems. This book is more than a teaching book. It is also a book that keeps all the information you need to refresh your memory when you learned something and to be used as a reference book.”

Michel Lecoq, Engineer with 50 years of experience in product, process and business development 

“I am going away with new and powerful way of thinking about problem solving. The course has given me a good insight and passion to learn more about TRIZ. ”

Amitsinh Kumpavat,  Seniour Engineer, Vitacress Salads 

'This course was proved to be exceptionally useful and solved many difficult design problems.”

Robert Ford, the University of Bath, UK

“The course is well structured and had a great combination of theory  and practical examples. The films helped to back up the training.”

Professor Jack Bradley, University of Bradford, UK  

PEGASUS video course for learners and practitioners is based on well-known methodology for innovation called TRIZ – Theory of Inventive Problem Solving.

Please contact us ( or if you would like to get the Certified Course online, which includes training exercies and assignment (MATRIZ Certification is also available on request).

You can watch the films online, rent them for a short time, download films on your computer, buy the DVDs  or arrange subscription for online access by contacting us by e-mail.


An inventive challenge never looks trivial and very often seems impossible. Instead of trying to solve a problem in one go, instantly, we can use a step-by-step methodology, which leads to the ideal solution. PEGASUS course helps if standard approaches are not applicable, but a reliable solution should be delivered here and now.


How to state the problem in the most efficient way and chose the relevant context.

How to achieve resource efficiency and turn any waste into the resource.

How to address non-technical company challenge (conflict management, marketing, cost reduction, etc.)

How to minimize risks: find the failure before it happens.



Use both - the book Inventor's Manual (available in three languages - Engnish, French and Spanish) and videos to get full idea of the main driving force of inventive process.


The book  "Inventor's Manual"  is specially designed to increas the efficiency of your thinking.

Unlike other books that talk about innovation, "Inventor's Manual" tells you what to do and how to do it in order to achieve the best result faster.

Unlike other books on innovation it is … thin and manageable.

It is a lesson with visual appeal, making use of pictures, diagrams and striking examples.

This manual can also be helpful for professional trouble-shooters due to its “tick-box” and procedure-like style.

"Inventor's Manual" contains striking artwork, easy reading, tested set of tools for inventive thinking, unique templates derived from living nature to deal with complexity and achieving sustainability