BioTRIZ Ltd provides consultancy in inventive problem solving in engineering, research, design, manufacturing and management.

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Our unique solution-providing technique is based on the theory of invention (TRIZ)  and bionics. It allows to invent using rules derived from living nature: We provide professional interpreting service from biology to engineering to achieve reliability, safety, cost efficiency and simplicity of design ideas. New book - "Inventor's Manual" contains striking artwork, easy reading, tested set of tools for inventive thinking, unique templates derived from living nature to deal with complexity and achieving sustainability

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Self-growing BioTRIZ Contradiction Matrix gives you  solution models for any challenge.

You can imbed the your own parameters and solutions into it (excel file is available on request).

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PEGASUS is your guide to breakthrough ideas

PEGASUS is a great innovation booster for industry: you get breakthrough ideas on demand

PEGASUS is fun for students and powerful aid for lecturers who teach innovation, creativity, TRIZ and LEAN

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Project for Centre for Defense Enterprise

Sunday, May 20, 2012 - 16:40

BEAST Biomimetic Executive Anti-failure Strategic Tool

General BEAST project information

BEAST helps to identify and predict complex systems’ vulnerability, unwanted emergent effects and hidden malfunctioning. BEAST creates a unique, novel and powerful combination of methodologies (TRIZ and Biomimetics), which is grounded in several decades of research, as well as a uniquely combined team of experts.

BEAST guides users through a set of techniques and questions, in order to bring into play their knowledge and their experience. It helps to decide where to look, what to do, and how to implement actions.

BEAST helps to creatively reason about the potential for emergent catastrophic effects in complex socio-technical systems. For example, for identifying and mitigating the potential and hidden failures, it can draw on extensive knowledge on strategies of deception in living nature.

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NEW BOOK: Biomimetic Management, 260 pp. Available in English and French.

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The book changes our view on animals as individuals and on our own societies as living systems. Self-Organisation in Life is not a "blind” physical phenomenon, but an intentional management. The process that causes the Golden Ratio in living nature is now revealed: we call it the “Fundamental Equation of Life”. You are about to uncover the secret condition for “social immortality”: ants teach us how to survive in social and environmental catastrophes. But the most amazing discovery is that an individual ant can change management styles of the whole colony on demand. Living Nature teaches us the way to think globally and act locally: a “Periodic Table” for human management  crowns the content of this book and puts the first “brick” into building a bridge between people and living nature. 


Public workshops  in 2016-2017:

May, 20, 2017, Oxford University

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Circular Economy:

lessons from living nature

18-19 April, 2017, OXFORD University


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Biomimetic interpreter

Helps engineers to find the solutions available in living nature

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Mistakes can cost your business millions. Find out how to avoid them. Order inhouse training in TRIZ  or biomimetic design with BioTRIZ!